Hello world!

Romel here and this is not my first time that I have opened and use Github account. I think it was a year ago that I signed up for this account but I only got the test repository and right now I have deleted the old one and created a new test as a refresher course as to what I did last time, LOL.

I miss writing codes and I want to pursue my career as a full front-end developer. I have been designing things for the past year but I never had the opportunity to collaborate with actual developers who write codes. I want to specialize in front-end scripting languages or framework like React.js, Node.js and REST API.

I’ve been using WordPress from work for 7 years now but never in that timeline did I develop my own theme or plugin and upload it publicly to WordPress.org repository. My goal before this year ends is to create my own theme and upload it to the said repository for public use. After that, I will work plugin development and the rest for sure will be history.

Wow! That was too much of introduction for myself and I think I have shared my goal in the next few years.

To the open-source community… you guys rock!!!

Follow me on my GitHub profile 🙂