Last July 23rd, the Davao league of WordPress users held their first WordPress Meetup at Yellow Haus Cafe, Davao City.

The meetup was simple but it’s a good kickstart for all of us to know how we make things with WordPress and how it impacted our lives.

There are two main agendas of the meetup: 1st – to gather and meet people who have the same enthusiast about WordPress and 2nd – to talk about what WordPress is all about and its basic features and perks that everyone can take advantage of using this web platform.

Introduction to WordPress Davao

After chit-chatting with the members of the community, the program commenced and was lead by Dreb, one of the lead influencer of our local WordPress Community. He formally welcomed the attendees and shared the importance of having the community and its goals that members can benefit from:

  • Socialize or get to know with people in our hometown who uses WordPress or would want to know about WordPress
  • How our locales can benefit the perks of web and internet and its many perks not only for personal advantage but more importantly when it comes to business and building communities.
  • Get inspiration.
  • Nurtures a community of influencers where mutual learnings are imparted.
  • Trainings and collaborations to spark innovation.
  • Reach out to young minds and give them idea of how WordPress works and its community.
  • Give back to WordPress — Core Contributing

Core: WordPress 4.5 & 4.6

Dreb went on enumerating the list of things to know about WordPress 4.5 and the changes included in the web platform’s updated version 4.6, which was actually released early August.

WordPress 4.5

  • Term Metadata
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • More Responsive Images
  • WordPress Post Embed

WordPress 4.6

  • Shiny updates
  • Native Fonts in the Admin
  • HTTP Requests**
  • Updated External Libraries**
  • Field Validation in Customizr**
  • Moreeee emoji support

** – changes for developers to explore

Please note that the list of features in both versions aren’t exhausted yet. For the complete  list of updates between these 2 versions, visit:

Featured Plugins

Dreb also shared his list of recommended plugins. They are recommended based on the ratings, install counts, code audits and ultimately from his experiences of using them in client projects.

  • Jetpack
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Field Manager
  • Query Monitor
  • Yoast SEO
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Theme Check

To get the picture of what our speaker was talking about, here is a copy of Dreb’s deck covering 3 topics:

Featured Theme Frameworks

After the first talk which was led by Dreb, we took a working break and this time, I dive into commercial and open source frameworks and how it can be everyone’s friend when you need a fast turnaround from designing and development to launching a website.

I’ve identified the pros and cons of using a premium versus the open source; from prices, feature comparison and the level of support it offers. The one that’s very common among the majority of these frameworks is the advancement of using drag-and-drop builder tools.

Drag-and-drop allows you to easily visualize and develop simultaneously what your website will look like. It’s becoming a trend as it provides a working prototype that will be used in presenting to the client and getting the feedback immediately. It is also an advantage for the noobs when they explore building their own websites.

Frameworks are truly a great starting point especially for developers who are always coping up with deadlines whilst delivering quality designed websites.

For my topics, here is the link to my deck so that you can get the picture of what I had discussed:

General Website Development Checklist

Now that we’re almost halfway through our meetup, our friend and last speaker, Mixie Tulid talked about the importance of quality assessment checklist before, during, and after the development of a WordPress site.

He enumerated helpful pre-checks upon setting up and installing WordPress site. Things to keep in mind during the development of the staging site. And making sure that the site is ready for public when launched. It was a very verbose topic where he shared each item per development stage. The bottom-line is these checklists will be the guidelines to help properly assessed a WordPress site and help minimize errors when it becomes public.

Checkout the checklists here To connect with Mixie, please check his Facebook profile.


After all the talks, we huddled around for a meet & greet and got the chance to exchange contacts and discussed more about future series of meetups of our local WordPress community.

It was truly a fun and productive meetup. The very first and a great starting point for more events. After all, it’s a great way to make new friends.

Did I mention there were free snacks served along with those great talks and discussions? 🙂

If you don’t want to miss the next event, make sure to join our Facebook and groups.


We’ve added the link to the slides after each topic above, but if you missed it we still got you covered:

See you all in the next event!


Originally posted from WordPress User Group Davao.